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Suitable For BYD SEAL Door Decoration Welcome Lights

Suitable For BYD SEAL Door Decoration Welcome Lights

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  • Product material: PC plastic + quartz glass lens

  • Suitable model: BYD SEAL

  • Installation method: Replace the door light of the original car and the plug of the original car

  • Product features: BYD SEAL exclusive accessories 1. Multi-layer glass mirror set, high list anti-level, effectively reduce color difference, enrich pattern color, improve clarity and brightness. 2. Intelligent chip, constant current and constant voltage, timing protection, overheating protection, more stable and stronger, energy saving and environmental protection. 3. The service life can reach 15 years. 4. Nano integrated imaging will not fade and change color, bright color, vivid three-dimensional projection, higher clarity than ordinary glass. 5. Selected PC plastic shell, shockproof and waterproof, durable.

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