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Nice BYD

For BYD SEAL Whole Body Exercise Modification

For BYD SEAL Whole Body Exercise Modification

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  • Product material: ABS engineering plastic

  • Suitable model: BYD SEAL

  • Product use: Increase the movement of the car breath

  • Installation method: Fasten with bolts to the reserved holes of the original car, and use the built-in back adhesive

  • Product features: BYD SEAL accessories. Add a sporty touch to make your BYD SEAL unique.

  • Note: 1. All the parts here are formed in one piece, so the transportation is more troublesome and the price is high. If you have time to wait, you can choose to ship by sea, the price will be lower, and the transportation time is generally 45-60 days. 2. Front spoiler, body side skirt, these two accessories are available in four colors (blue, gray, white, black), you must contact us to determine the color when ordering.

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