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For BYD SEAL Leaf Board Two-Color Turn Signal

For BYD SEAL Leaf Board Two-Color Turn Signal

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  • Product material: ABS engineering plastic

  • Suitable model: BYD SEAL

  • Product use: increase the body lighting effect

  • Installation method: Replace the fog light frame of the original car, without breaking the wire, directly plug into the power supply of the original car headlight.

  • Product features: BYD SEAL accessories 1. The use of LED lamp beads, high brightness, long service life, saving electricity, increase the sense of body movement. 2. Corrosion and oxidation resistance, not easy to fade, can be used for a long time. 3. When the turn signal is on, the yellow light can be synchronized with the turn signal, and the white light can be maintained when the turn signal is off.

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