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For BYD DOLPHIN All-inclusive Seat Cover

For BYD DOLPHIN All-inclusive Seat Cover

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  • Material: wear-resistant leather + sponge + non-woven fabric + environmentally friendly XPE material + honeycomb anti-slip bottom

  • Suitable model: BYD DOLPHIN

  • Installation method: Surrounded by the whole car seat, it is necessary to fold or put the seat down, but it is not necessary to remove the seat.

  • Product features: BYD DOLPHIN exclusive custom accessories. 1. The product is made of breathable and sweatproof material, suitable for all seasons, which greatly retains the ventilation and heating functions of the original BYD DOLPHIN car seat. 2.BYD DOLPHIN uses the same high-quality PU leather material around the seat, the material is not replaced, high-quality buckle, zipper and clamshell, easy to install, firm fit and lasting repetition. 3. Specially reserved seat airbag exit, does not affect the airbag. 4. Waterproof, dustproof, anti-fading, easy to clean, wear-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-fading.

  • Note: Purchase the whole set of seats, free waist pillow and head pillow two.

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