How to use the door anti-kick mat correctly

How to use the door anti-kick mat correctly

**Door anti-kick mat** is a practical auto accessory that can effectively protect the inside of the door from being worn or contaminated by the sole. Today, we will cover how to properly install and use the door kick pad, as well as some of its notable features.

Installation procedure

1. ** Clean the door ** : Before installing the anti-kick pad, you first need to thoroughly clean the surface of the door with a wet towel or alcohol cleaner to ensure that there is no dust or oil stains, which can improve the adhesive effect of the anti-kick pad.

2. ** Alignment Position ** : Align the anti-kick pad with the position to be installed, ensuring that it fits perfectly into the shape and size of the inside of the door.

3. ** Remove the backing paper ** : Carefully remove the protective film on the back of the anti-kick pad, taking care not to let the rubber surface come into contact with dust or finger grease.

4. ** Paste anti-kick pad ** : Gently attach the anti-kick pad to the door and use a plastic scraper or similar tool to push the air bubbles outward from the center to ensure that the anti-kick pad fits completely and evenly on the door.

5. ** Check the fixing ** : Finally, gently press the anti-kick pad with your hand to ensure that it has been firmly pasted to the door.

Features of anti-kick pad

-**Wear resistant materials ** : High-quality anti-kick MATS are usually made of materials with good wear resistance, such as rhinoceros skin, leather or carbon fiber, which can guarantee long-term use without wear ¹

- ** Easy installation ** : The anti-kick pad is designed with user convenience in mind and the installation process is simple, requiring no professional tools or complex steps ².

- ** Anti-fouling function ** : In addition to preventing wear and tear, the anti-kick pad also has anti-fouling function, easy to clean and maintain, keep the car clean ¹

- ** Beautiful design ** : The modern anti-kick pad is not only practical, but also has a stylish appearance design, which can add the beauty of the car ¹.


The door anti-kick mat is a kind of automobile accessory that is both practical and can enhance the beauty of the car inside. The proper installation and use of anti-kick pads not only protects the door from wear and tear, but also keeps the interior clean and tidy. Perfect your car with the right quality anti-kick pad for your model. Click here to buy now and get 5% off this.

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