BYD Electric Car Charging: 80% vs. Full Charge - Which is Better?

For new energy vehicles, the most important component is the power battery, charging is an inseparable topic of electric vehicles, the development of batteries for new energy vehicles, is always the core component, when is the best new energy vehicle charging, charging to 80% or full?

With the development of new energy technology, the batteries used in current power vehicles are getting better and better, and most of the batteries commonly circulated on the market are lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries. According to the different batteries used by new energy vehicles, the amount of charging needs to be judged according to the specific car scenario. When charging, you do not need to be full once, as long as it reaches more than 80%, you can stop, try not to charge 100% at once, or to meet the mileage required for your next trip.

Most of our owners know that the number of battery charging is life, with a life less once, many of us think that the number of charging and discharging, is the number of charging, in fact, there is a misunderstanding, the battery cycle, not according to the amount of charging or the number of times to calculate, but according to the use of 100%, is a complete charging cycle. For example, if we use 20% of the electricity this time, and then continue to charge 80%, then we need to use 80% of the electricity next time, in order to count a complete cycle, and your current electricity is not much related. For the power battery, maintaining the charging speed of the battery and the discharge of the battery can extend the life of the power battery, which also means that we do not need to charge the new power car to 100%, only need to charge to 90% or 80%, so that we can avoid the early capacity loss of the battery, but also avoid excessive discharge.

Now the new energy electric vehicles mostly use lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion power batteries do not have any memory function, it can well meet the needs of charging. From the structure of the battery, for the power battery, the best state is about 40% to 90%, but for the rechargeable battery, it is shallow charge and shallow discharge, which can make the battery life longer, so if you always charge and discharge directly at 80%, then the life of the power battery will certainly be more extended.

Experts also said that from the perspective of the power battery, the state and temperature of charging determine the speed of battery aging. Charging method and charging time is correct or not, can directly affect the service life of the battery, the usual car should develop the habit of frequent charging, do not lose power for a long time, that is, the battery should be regularly charged, charging times and battery life has no direct relationship.

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